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Debizel Property Managers

  • 10/09/2014


    Mold Disclosure Statement for Rental Leases (from the MLA September 2014 Newsletter)

    "The presence of mold in rental units is a common complaint by tenants, especially with the recent rainfall. Landlords need to be aware of how Montana law treats this issue. According to MCA 70-16-703, inhabitable properties are not, and cannot be, constructed to exclude mold. The problem that tenants complain about, however, is the presence of growing mold. Growing mold requires the presence of moisture. If your property did not have mold growing on a surface at the time the tenant took possession of your property, the presence of growing mold is probably the result of your tenant not taking care of a moisture problem, which is common around water sources such as kitchen sinks and bathroom fixtures. A mold problem that is the result of your tenant's actions or inactions is the tenant's responsibility. A mold problem that is the result of moisture accumulating due to factors such as negative drainage around the foundation or a leak in the roof is the landlord's responsibility. If your tenant insists that you take care of the mold problem that is clearly the result of his/her actions or inactions, you may want to point out that remedying the problem they cause is their responsibility. If they still insist that you take care of the problem, protect your property y taking care of the problem, with the understanding that you have the right to charge the tenant for your time and expenses."

    Note from DPM - this law application also applies to pest infestation, clogged drains, and other issues in a property where a tenant takes possession of non-infested property with working plumbing, etc... It is the tenant's responsibility to maintain the property. These issues are the tenant's responsibility if possession of the property is given to the tenant and documented to be in working, habitable condition.

  • 10/04/2014

    How We Define a Good Tenant (What We Look For)

  • Honesty / Integrity /Trust / Reliability / Kindness ... These are the words that Debizel Staff uses when we describe our best tenants. Great tenants communicate with us and follow through by doing what they say they will do. We have been through accidents, floods, hail storms, death, mental illness, violent physical illnesses, new babies, job loss, domestic violence, drug & alcohol treatment, rape, drive by shootings, you name it. There probably isn't a situation that will surprise us. When we know what's going on, we can give you good information about your rights and responsibilities. We keep your information confidential. That being said, during the application process, if you say you're going to show up at 3:00 with your proof of income and you don't show and don't call, it's a red flag. --------------------------------------------------------------
  • Respect. We are human beings. We have family, friends, worries, joys .... Every day we do our very best to provide our clients (tenants, owners & vendors) with outstanding service. This business has tons of moving parts and lots of gray areas. Property Managers are always in the position between owners and tenants. We exist because Owners don't want to deal with Tenants and Montana law forbids us from giving you access to the Owner without his or her consent. The best tenants understand that some things are simply out of our control and work with us to find solutions. Great tenants can work with good property managers and have a terrific experience. It helps to view us as your ally and work with us in that capacity. This is especially true on the maintenance side of things. The maintenance staff can't always work around your schedule and they can't always do what you want them to do. Debizel's maintenance staff is excellent. They want to remedy all of your issues but have their time booked days in advance. When you make access to your house difficult, please don't shoot the messenger. Follow procedure by communicating with the office and making access easy. On the office side, we are licensed and subject to audit. We don't make the rules but follow them without exception. All of this boils down to respect. Please respect that we're human, that we're doing our jobs, and assume we are trying to be helpful because we are. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Cleanliness / Tidiness. We hear "I'm a clean freak," and "I love yard work," frequently during the application process. Good tenants keep their places clean and the area around their units looking neat and orderly. We definitely prefer tenants who take good care of their homes. Understand that if we inspect your home and it is in rough shape, we will naturally become worried about the owner's asset and how much damage is accumulating. We simply can't allow it to continue. If we send you a notice to "correct or vacate," that is our only official communication vehicle in the State of Montana. If you correct it, communicate with us. We aren't mad at you, we are just doing our job. --------------------------------------------------------------
  • Paying Rent On Time Every Month. Stuff happens. Payments get lost in the mail, checks bounce, tenants go on vacation or get sick and forget. When you've paid your rent like clockwork for 18 months and mess up, we get it but we still have to charge you a late fee if the payment comes in after 5 pm on the 5th. When you are late every month, we find your excuse as exhausting as you find our collection call. Just tell us the truth and let us do our job. Have faith that if you're doing everything else you can to be a good tenant, we will be kind, honest and will treat you with dignity. The truth is, we will be kind, honest and will treat you with dignity even if you constantly lie about your rent. We care about our tenants and treat all of our tenants with respect. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Gratitude. It doesn't happen very often but the tenants who take a minute to thank our staff for our efforts are greatly appreciated. We do a great job and it's nice to hear that you noticed.
  • 11/27/2013

    Tenant's Guide to Keeping Your Pet

    The Tenant's Guide to Keeping Your Pet [Portions reprinted courtesy of the SF SPCA] It's not easy to find pet-friendly rental housing in most cities, so the SF SPCA developed the Open Door Program and agreed to share much of their materials with us. We would like to thank the SF SPCA for providing such a valuable resource to pet owners. When looking for a place that will take your pets, remember the following: *Most landlords have spent significant dollars after an irresponsible pet owner has damaged their property (these difficult pet *policies are based in truth and experience. Your job is to show a Landlord why renting to you and your pet will actually benefit them. *Be prepared to work hard and spend time. *Find out what makes landlords say yes to pets. *Demonstrate that you are a responsible pet owner and a good tenant. *Be a great representative for all pet-owning tenants. *Be realistic. If you don't have the time or the money to properly care for a pet, be honest with yourself. Tips for Tenants Seeking Housing: *Prepare an application addition for your pet to present to the landlord. Include your pet's resume and references from former landlords, neighbors, obedience instructors, and veterinarians. *Offer to sign a pet agreement and pay additional pet rent and a pet deposit. *Encourage the landlord to meet your freshly groomed, well-behaved pet.

  • 11/18/2013

    Local Expertise, Professional Results

    In Billings since 2000, Debizel Property Managers is a small, “boutique” company consisting of five licensed property managers and three full-time maintenance technicians. Über-qualified, our company is lead-paint certified, mold & flood trained, licensed and insured. What sets us apart is that most of our employees have owned or currently own rental property. We bring a “walked a mile in your shoes” understanding to what we do. The results benefit not only an owner’s bottom line but also our tenants’ personal satisfaction with their homes.